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About Alam Pharmacy

Pharmacy in Lebanon and Iraq

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A place that makes you feel better, even if you’re not sick in the first place!

In 2003 and in a modest space of 25 sqm in Tripoli, Lebanon, a dream was born. Khaled Alam, PharmD, believed his pharmacy should be much more than a place that sells medicine.

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Then, Alam Pharmacy became a unique place from the way it sources its products to the way it treats its visitors and handles its prescriptions.

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In 2003, in a modest room of 25 square meters. m in Tripoli, Lebanon, a dream was born, because Khaled Alam, a pharmacist, believed that his pharmacy should be something more for online casino players than just a place to sell medicine. So ALAM Pharmacy is now the place where you will feel better, even if you are not sick at all, read also Florida Attorney General Files Second Amicus Brief In Favor Of Florida Sports Betting. In addition, the ALAM pharmacy offers not only to stock your own first aid kit, but also to learn more about BMI for online casino players.

He aimed towards establishing a place that would make people feel better from the moment they step in.

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alam pharmacy services

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq

Personal Care

Taking care of your family starts with your personal care. Start browsing now.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq

Eye & Ear

Your sense of sight and hearing is very important to your everyday activities. Discover our eye and ear care products.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq

Hair & Nails

Taking care of your hair and nails is part of your image and personal hygiene. We have everything you need to help you shine every day.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq

Baby Care

Whether it is baby formula, medical diapers or gas relief aids, our selection of baby care products makes shopping for your kids easier.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


Everything you need to look good and feel good is available in one spot, from makeup to skin care, tanning creams or medical deodorants.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


We help you focus on wellness and prevention with our wide range of nutritional supplements.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq

Sport Nutrition

Boost your normal workout routine with our collection of sports supplements from major international brands.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


Enjoy a full range of sugar free candies and chewing gums from trusted brands.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq

First Aid

Keep your First Aid kit fully stocked. We have everything you need to ensure your basic aid products are available whenever needed.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


Discover our section of accessories and stay fashionable while you take care of your delicate skin.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


We carry the most popular brands of medical devices including specialty items to help you stay in control.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


We ensure that all your prescribed medications are available to help you treat, cure or prevent disease.

Pharmacy services in Lebanon and Iraq


Vaccinations are available including flu shots for adults over 50.

Opening a pharmacy franchise

Dear Investor,

If you intend to partner with us in any city within MENA countries on franchise basis…


Dear Customers,

You can now buy our products online through our new e-shop website. Click here.

BMI calculator in kg

Body mass index, or BMI, is used to determine whether you are in a healthy weight range for your height. It is useful to consider BMI alongside waist circumference, as waist measurement helps to assess risk by measuring the amount of fat carried around your middle.


BMI is a useful measurement for most people over 18 years old. But it is only an estimate and it doesn't take into account age, ethnicity, gender and body composition. We recommend you also check your waist measurement and other risk factors.

Speak to your doctor, an Accredited Practising Dietitian or a health practitioner about your weight.

This calculator shouldn’t be used for pregnant women or children.

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